Willow Metta Shamanic Medicine

My sister, Sue...
I truly BELIEVE in the power of this medicine. When I wish to work on different things coming up within myself, I have the same sessions that I offer here at Willow Metta.
My beautiful sister Sue at Pachamama Healing who completed training at the Four Winds Society with me, has assisted me in our sessions together. You would love her - she has so much SASS + she brings it into our sessions too, then I find myself laughing all through it.
I recently had a session with her and was reminded once again, of how many of our aches and pains throughout the body have a spiritual/energetic link. Back aches, shoulder pains and hip pains, they are my little light bulb sensors saying something is not quite feeling balanced within me.
The body holds ALL the wisdom.
If you are in Melbourne visit Sue for a session, or she is also available via skype - follow her page 'Pachamama Healing' on Facebook also. I highly recommend her and I am all about collaborating and telling people about all the people that I experience who have assisted me along my own journey and who I see are sharing their medicine in positive ways

Merryl K - Melbourne

Thank you so much for the healing Sue. I felt so safe in your hands and I feel lighter, clearer every day. There were so many connections with the things you said and it gave me great comfort. Even better, I have a greater understanding of the path ahead and role I am to play in its unfolding. You asked if I had pain in my left arm and shoulder... well, yes. I didn't think to mention it, but I've had pins and needles and numbness going down my arm and into my left index finger - worse at night and quite painful. I've had it about 3 or 4 months - probably since around the time my father died. Since our session, the pins and needles and discomfort has stopped and there's just a bit of numbness on my finger tip that I'm expecting to dissipate in the next few days. How cool! Thank you Sue

Claudia N - Germany

Dear Sue, when I remember our work I feel always something special about it. Understanding requires deep listening skills, not only in the section of the ears but also with loving eyes and a gentle open heart. You are the midwife someone would wish for.

Carmel G - Melbourne

I can't begin to tell you how amazing the session was! 💗 Sue Jackel is extremely gifted and skilled in what she practices. I felt nurtured and well cared for and enjoyed working with her as together we gently shifted some deep, stuck energy. The level of healing that took place was profound and I am eternally grateful. I will definitely be returning for more healing. Knowing you Sue, and receiving your medicine is a true blessing, thank you.

Maria T - Greece

Beautiful gentle energy, so powerful and helpful for my body and my life. Thank you Sue!

Sam B - Southern NSW

A heartfelt thanks to Sue for the Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions recently, helping me face different blocks coming up for me and allowing me to step past different fears that were coming to the surface. I have one grateful heart!

James M - Brisbane

Sue has a profound gift that she gives through her work. I have worked with Sue for a few months now and I recommend her highly. She is deeply passionate about her work - and about supporting people to create huge change in their lives.