About Sue Jackel

I am Melbourne-based medicine person, shamanic healer, Vortex Healing® practitioner,  intuitive, workshop facilitator, speaker, writer and servant of Pachamama.  I draw on earth-centred practices and wisdom to bring meaning and healing into my own life and the lives of others.  I guide people in their healing and in reclaiming their personal power and gaining a sense of their unique work that they came here to do.


My Passion

I am passionate about the empowerment of every-body - that is all humans including members of our LGBTIQ communities.

I help people to find their own power of healing within them and thus creating harmony within themselves which they can flow out to all their loved ones and communities.  I empower people to transform their pain into their greatest medicine and embrace the power of their own voice, experience and their capacity join with others for our sacred task of serving and healing our Mother Earth.  

I encourage you to undertake the revolutionary act of taking time out, sitting in silence and listening to your own voice and to that of our Mother Earth.

I dispel old myths and illusions of separation and create space for a community where every person is safe to experience their own sense of spirituality and expression without judgement.  My aim is to nurture that potential within everyone and witness it grow and thrive in themselves, their communities and with our Mother Earth.

Who I Work With

I work with people who are:

  • are stuck in old relationship patterns

  • have old stories that they keep repeating

  • feel anger or grief that just won't go away

  • experience depression and anxiety

  • are unsure of what they should be doing in their life

  • want to share their gifts with their communities and Mother Earth

  • are ready for transformation and will do what is necessary to do it!

You are responsible for everything you create in your life - make sure you’re creating beauty and love.”

When you retell your old stories that cause you pain and heartache, you keep giving them life which robs you of the time and space to work out what new stories you want to tell and the opportunity to set your intention to create them. This is magickal space where you can let go of your victim story, tap into your power to create and manifest your future by telling a new story - or focusing on what you want to create.  Join me on this powerful journey.

How I Work

Through Shamanic Energy medicine, I can guide you in recognising and clearing old patterns and redirect your energy into creating a new life.  Shamanic Energy medicine is a practice that works on your mind, body and soul to transform your old wounds into sources of power and transformation in your life.

Working with me, in safe space, I can support you in examining your angers, wounds and pains and finding their lessons and gifts, give them gratitude and through this, dissolve their hold on you. You will be able to release the old and have the space to dream and create a new vision.  As you heal, so we heal each other and our Mother Earth.

I facilitate 1:1 sessions, workshops and speaking engagements in Melbourne and am available for workshops in Australia and overseas.  I also undertake distance 1:1s on Skype and Zoom.

More About Me

I bring wisdom and a sense of humour to all aspects of my work and hold a safe space for people to be who they are, express themselves and find their healing path. I have a fresh perspective on healing, gender and how we can walk in through these times in balance with ourselves and our Mother Earth.  I work with individual clients and groups .

I know that love does not have an agenda and what is needed in the world today is inclusivity, compassion and respect for all humans and our relations – animals, plants and Mother Earth herself. 

We’re all interconnected beings - we are all one and I aim to lift the veils of illusion and separation that suggest otherwise. 

As we are healed, we change the way we see others and the world and how we treat others and our Mother Earth.

We all chose to be here at this time to change the world - we are the ones we have been waiting for so let’s get to work!


“A heartfelt thanks to Sue for the Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions recently, helping me face different blocks coming up for me and allowing me to step past different fears that were coming to the surface. 

I have one grateful heart!” 
— Sam B - Southern NSW

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