What destiny is Mother Earth calling you to create in 2019?

Explore how you can create your destiny in 2019. If you sit passively, what ever comes your way will be your fate but you have a unique gift to bring to your life, those around you and even the world and now is the time to throw out ‘the book of fate’ and begin writing your own destiny.


What is a Soul Destiny Session?

A Pachamama Healing Soul Destiny session is all about helping you work out what is important to you in the coming 12 months and what you need to do to begin to get there.

A Soul Destiny session is not a conventional card reading or psychic interaction. The session works at your soul level to discover what is important to in relationships, work, career, family, health, your community, the world and our Mother Earth.

You will be supported in creating the dream of where you want to be in 2019. Together we will find anything that may be blocking your destiny such as negative thoughts and experiences, family history, trauma or small things that have a huge impact. I work with you to find the gifts in these experiences so you can move on to dream your new destiny.

You will also discovering the gifts you have been given to help you create your destiny.

A Soul Destiny Session is a powerful journey of self-discovery.

You are the Creator of Your Reality

You are the creator of your own reality and destiny. That’s right - your destiny is not set in concrete - you are the one in charge and I will support you in seeing how you can change your life and become “on purpose”.       

A Soul Destiny Session will help you:

  • Express what matters to you

  • Talk about what you would like see in a better future

  • Find and remove the energetic blocks to creating your future

  • Identify all the aspects of your life that go into creating your destiny

  • Dream where you want to be in 2019 and how to create this

A Soul Destiny Session will include:

  • Discussion about what makes you care

  • Guided meditation and visualisation

  • Heart space journeying to connect to your higher self

  • Energy body cleansing

  • Energy cord cutting

  • Energy clearing and extraction

  • Shamanic counselling

  • Soul retrieval

  • Subconscious story writing and telling    

Soul Destiny - the Details

~ A 2 hour Soul Destiny session will get you focused and on your way in 2019.

~ The investment for a Soul Destiny session is $265AUD.

~ Please contact me directly to book your Soul Destiny Session. I can work with you in person in St Kilda or Caulfield in Melbourne or by Skype.  

~ This session may reveal further shamanic energy work that can be explored in additional 1:1 sessions.