Ceremonies and Rituals


Each one of us have beginnings, endings and times where we find were are transitioning and want to mark a point in our journey.  Some of these major life events are our clear choice and others happen whether we like it or not.

Marking these events in ceremony gives you the opportunity to honour and express gratitude to what you have left behind and welcome and celebrate the new.

Shamanic ceremony is a powerful way to celebrate a relationship commitment, the start of a new career, house moving or celebrating the passing of a loved one.

There are no rules when creating ceremony so each ceremony is crafted specifically with each client to ensure that the ceremony reflects the clients needs and is meaningful for all who are involved.

Ritual is a more formalised ceremony using specific practices for particular purposes such as cleansing a new home, letting go of the old and planting the new and specific rites.



For couples who choose not to legally marry or those who wish to have a spiritual dimension to their vows.

Spiritual and Shamanic Wedding Blessing

A ceremony of celebration and remembrance for a lost loved one.

End of Life Celebration

Life Events

Ceremonies marking significant events to provide closure for things such as divorce, house moving, career change and anything that signals major change.

Gratitude Ceremony

An Andean Despacho ceremony where together we prepare a prayer bundle full of thanks for the past and wishes and intentions for the future.  The bundle is either burned or buried - all elements are earth friendly.

Shamanic Fire Ceremony allows for rapid transformation, cleansing and renewal.  Fire ceremony is always a 'feel good".

Fire Ceremony


An energetic spring clean of your current or new home to call in peace, joy and love.

Home Blessing and Cleansing

An energetic spring clean of your current or new premises to create a workplace of calm cooperation where your workers enjoy the workplace.

Business Blessing and Cleansing

Rituals for both women and mixed groups to honour nature and the phases of letting go that which no longer serves and calling in new blessings.

New Moon and Full Moon Ritual

The Rite of the Womb came from the women of the Andes and reminds us that:

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life”

This is an inclusive healing rite for all women to receive and share in love.

13th Rite of the Womb


I craft each ceremony to reflect your special needs. 

The length of each ceremony varies depending on the nature of the ceremony, numbers present and if you wish to include your guests or witnesses in the ceremony.  Typically, ceremonies are between one to two hours.

Please complete this form so we can make a time to meet to explore your needs for your ceremony. Your initial investment is $500.  It is best to leave plenty of time to prepare for your special day.

Additional costs will be added for travel to locations more than one hours travel from St Kilda.

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