100 Ways to Care for Yourself and Mother Earth

You are here for a reason. To fully live your purpose, healing yourself and sharing that love to your communities, to Mother Earth and all your relations with whom you share this extraordinary planet.

Here are 100 ways to care for yourself, others and our Mother Earth

Everyday I think about what I’m doing and my words and actions affect those I come into contact with and with our Mother Earth. We only have one home in this life - there is no Earth 2.0. I started to collect the things that were important to me and decided to put them into a pdf that I could share with others. Hence 100 Ways to Care for Yourself and Mother Earth was born.

Print this out and carry it with you and look at it each day and choose which new practice you are going to commit to that day.

These 100 practices are for you as an individual but to change our collective path of environmental destruction and save our home - our Mother Earth, we must work together.

Pachamama Healing is committed to sharing shamanic energy healing with you in the service of Pachamama and sharing hope.   Your task is find groups where you can become part of a growing movement of humanity that together will change our world.

Share the message

You are welcome to share this 100 ways pdf with two others but if you want to share it with more, please email me for pricing information.

Let us stand together as healed beings in service of Pachamama and our Mother Earth.