Honouring Pachamama and walking the path of Shamanic Energy Medicine, I hold safe space for your healing, your community and through our collective healing, the healing of our Mother Earth.

I'm Sue Jackel, a Melbourne-based medicine person, shamanic healer, Vortex Healing® practitioner and intuitive. I offer 1:1 sessions (in person and on Skype), workshops, ritual and ceremonial leadership for every-body.  

I draw on earth-centred shamanic practices and wisdom to create meaning and bring healing into the lives of those called to be healed and to serve our Mother Earth.   

I support you to find and hear your own voice, reclaim your power and get in touch with your innate healing ability. As you are healed, you claim your place within your community of fellow travelers and as a protector of our Mother Earth. 

I have a passion to work with every-body. All women, all men and everyone who is part of our LGBTIQ communities. I love working with those souls who can’t quite find what they are looking for and support them to find it.  I offer a safe, accepting and non-judgemental space for each one of you on your healing journey.

I am in service to Pachamama and I am called to support individuals change their lives and shift our collective approach to caring for each other and our beautiful Mother Earth and all her children - we are all one.

I offer not only a pathway of energetic healing but a practical ways to live in Ayni or in reciprocity (where we give and receive between humans, nature and the universe). This can be as simple as saying thank you through to spiritual activism.

When we are healed, we share our healing with others and as that spreads out far beyond ourselves, we can all be part of healing our Mother Earth.

Your healing will flow through into the lives of others and to all the creatures and beings which which we share this amazing planet and to Mother Earth herself.

It's time to heal and to share our healing with our communities

and stand up for the healing of our Mother Earth.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the session was! 💗 Sue Jackel is extremely gifted and skilled in what she practices. I felt nurtured and well cared for and enjoyed working with her as together we gently shifted some deep, stuck energy. The level of healing that took place was profound and I am eternally grateful. I will definitely be returning for more healing. Knowing you Sue, and receiving your medicine is a true blessing, thank you.
— Carmel G ~ Melbourne