Heal yourself - heal Mother earth

I'm Sue Jackel and I am Melbourne-based medicine person, shamanic healer, Vortex Healing® practitioner and intuitive.    

I draw on earth-centred practices and wisdom to bring meaning into my own life and the lives of others.   

I guide people to reclaim their personal power, hear their own voice, find their inner power to heal and to claim their rightful place within community irrespective of gender or orientation. 

I have a passion to work with all women, men, those who are part of our LGBTQI communities and those who can’t quite find what they are looking for.  I offer a safe and accepting space for those who are searching for that "something", seeking to heal or have felt silenced by life.

As a Melbourne based Medicine Person, Shamanic Practitioner and Vortex Healing® Practitioner I offer 1:1 sessions, workshops, lead rituals and ceremonies for every-body.

 If you are having relationship issues, suffer from depression or anger, are experiencing grief, repeating negative patterns in your life or are going through changes which leave you wondering about your life and its purpose - Shamanic Energy Medicine is a way to move through this and find healing, not just a cure for the symptoms.

 When we are healed, we can share our healing with others and as that spreads out far beyond ourselves, we can all be part of healing Pachamama – our mother earth.

It's time to be heard and to be healeD

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the session was! 💗 Sue Jackel is extremely gifted and skilled in what she practices. I felt nurtured and well cared for and enjoyed working with her as together we gently shifted some deep, stuck energy. The level of healing that took place was profound and I am eternally grateful. I will definitely be returning for more healing. Knowing you Sue, and receiving your medicine is a true blessing, thank you.
— Carmel G ~ Melbourne